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  • 2012


    The show

    No more days of idle domesticity…aspire for a career…raise the children on the side…

    It’s a miracle more mothers don’t kill them.

    6.25am- Wake. Feed 23ml of expressed milk- puree 8 food types – you don’t need a G.C.S.E – put into ice tray to freeze, left breast plugged into bovine milking machine – you can help me – get dressed whilst winding/ dressing/ putting makeup on him- no me- nappies out- call work- hold that. Change vomit clothes- fold these- shout at him- you’re not just a housewife. Guiltily sing lullaby with added expletives – are you getting this? – Where’s the sterilizing fluid? – you’re on benefits for that! Feel sexy- looking forward to Friday night in- glass of wine sitting on the washing machine set to spin…whatever you do- don’t drop it!

    I hadn’t slept in days- he was sucking my leathery tits dry. Tell them it wasn’t my fault…

    A woman shares her story and her washing machine with you. Can you help her? It could be dangerous…

    Back in the UK after 10 years, theatre maker Kati Francis, uses dark physical comedy to air her dirty laundry.


    Kati Francis
    Tamarin McGinley
    Dinah Mullen


    • “Kati Francis' Wash-a-bye-baby, a rhythmically arresting investigation of single motherhood, represented a truly exceptional coup of programming.”

      Remote Goat

    • “Francis is one of those performers who look completely at home on stage. A strong physical-comedic actor… [with] versatility and ingenuity… talent and skill… a highlight of the festival.”


    • “…one of the highlights, macabre as it was. It has real, if surreal, poignancy”

      Gavin Henderson, Principal CSSD

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