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  • 2016-


    The show

    BeautifulMess Theatre are developing a subversive new cabaret, The Phallacy of Feminism. This project aims to reinvigorate the political spirit of Cabaret, and to reinvestigate the roots & spirit of burlesque in a gritty, raw form. We want to rejuvenate Cabaret’s potential to deliver potent socio-political critique, from a feminist perspective.

    To experiment with style and to shake up notions of the theatricality of the cabaret number, working across the disciplines of music, puppetry, and physical theatre/ contemporary clown and bouffon.

    As a company that works primarily outdoors we are interested in how we can shift our exploration into public non-performance spaces, think cabaret in the theatre foyer pre-show, alleyways, dark corners, queues and crowds, bars and clubs and pubs, like the roots of music hall.

    As a feminist company we have a desire to investigate what we find to be the distraction of the sexual liberation of women, a distraction which lulls us into the fallacy of feminism. The question we want to ask is … What does feminism mean between women and what can feminism mean for men?


    Kati Francis
    Tamarin McGinley