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  • 2014

    Brixton, London

    The show

    Exploding from the cracks in the pavement comes a funny urban ‘furry-tale’. The 3 Scavengers is a crazy, physical, macabre, musical performance which forces us to re-examine the spaces we pass by and the characters we might otherwise ignore, wondering what wisdom the dirty animals going through our bin-bags might have to offer?

    A frustrated Hispanic musician earnestly seeks his fortune, sweeping streets to earn his keep, spinning tales and tunes from the waste along the way. A Bag Lady gathers memories, collecting obsolete objects, cramming her landfill dress full to bursting with the detritus scattered all around…A resourceful Fox, watching from the bushes, wrestles rubbish, playing freely…

    Animating the London streets, these 3 characters collide on the corner to fight for their piece of pavement!
    Using BeautifulMess’ multi-sensory blend of physical comedy, live music, object-play and interactive set (designed out of what we find others don’t want) The 3 scavengers is inspired by our desire to consider our habits and habitats living in the city.

    BeautifulMess playfully reframes the world of the scavenger inviting their audience to re-imagine their communal spaces, join the dancing round the rubbish bag may-pole, celebrate the street!
    This absurd and playful pop-up performance, accessible for all, crafted in and for unlikely municipal spaces asks: “In this world of squeezed resources and shrinking floor plans, is it time to unite or die?”


    Director: Kati Francis
    Cast: Ariza Barcina, Jennifer Muteteli
    Design: Isabel Castro Jung, Steve Ryan

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    • “Magical, surreal, uplifting, comic, poignant…”

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    • “A treat on the street!”

      Audience feedback

    • “Loved the inventive and amazing energy!”

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    • “It was very funny, energising, emotional.”

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    • “I thought we would stay only for ten minutes, but it wasn’t possible to leave.”

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