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  • 2014

    Moorlands Estate, Somerleyton Road, Brixton

    The show

    An absurd celebration of all things wild and communal when local wedding preparation get disrupted by scavenger disputes…
    It’s Foxes v. Sweepers in the Moorlands turf war…
    In this community engagement performance project, a sweeper-storyteller dreams his way out of his domestic day job and weave a fairy-tail wedding to life.  Who’s marrying who? Who’s afraid of what? And who’s really responsible for all this mess?


    Safety in Numbers explored themes of transformation, perception and the fear of the outsider…or of being the outsider ourselves.

    Safety in Numbers was an accessible, inclusive ensemble performance bursting out of a community park, combining physical-comedy, sensory-installation and musical- storytelling.

    It was the culminating performance of BeautifulMess’ Arts Council funded Fox Project, along with FoxFood (2013)


    Kati Francis
    Ariza Barcina
    Jennifer Muteteli
    Lisa Harmer
    and 20 Lambeth based adults with learning disability


    • “I was really surprised by the quality of the production- I wasn’t expecting such high standards from free community street theatre with special needs- I was so surprised by how much I laughed and cried”

    • “fresh, uncensored theatre, exciting for everyone to see”

    • “We should have more community theatre like this. This was truly theatre for EVERYONE”

    • “Really heart warming- so interactive and inclusive- loved it!!”

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