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    The show

    High-energy, interactive 5-15 minute encounters in public spaces, designed to playfully disrupt the status quo, Public Performance Provocations (PPP) imaginatively challenge people’s thought paths in the spaces they inhabit every day. Using a range of styles from contemporary clown to interactive design, interweaving familiar tabloid imagery with subversive outcomes, it asks the audience to take an active role in questioning their inherited beliefs and invites them to imagine new myths.

    Inspired by the protest, street performance of Bread and Puppet Theatre & Welfare State International, these bold pop-up interventions offer an alternative narrative to the sensationalist media or tragic dramatisations of war, corporate control, global environmental and economic disaster.

    Through simple, inclusive yet high impact techniques involving collective tasks, mass choreography, striking imagery, live ritual and celebration, PPP shift perceptions, provoke creative conversations, bring people together in live encounters and embody change beyond the immediate performance.

    Employing BeautifulMess’ flagship Creative Advocacy workshop developed with a range of social, education and arts experts, our facilitator-artists uncover the deep-rooted issues any community wants to ‘shout-about’ and assist in crafting the material into metaphorically bold images and concepts that translate to a public arts setting, delving into the underlying issues and alternative outcomes.

    Through a dynamic Arts Activism open workshop the artistry is further developed and rehearsed to be taken immediately to the streets, eliciting live feedback and results within a short time frame. These provocations can be performed by professionals or inclusive community groups.

    BeautifulMess believe theatre can incite people to action, to rise up and become active citizens in their own communities and on the wider political stage through offering interactive bitesize jolts to our collective unconscious and inviting people to play with possibilities in their immediate realities.

    BeautifulMess can bring existing provocations to your community or come and develop bespoke interventions through our Creative Advocacy and Arts Activism workshops.


    Kati Francis
    Chloe Osborne
    Manuela Benini
    Tony Cealy
    Del Taylor
    Andrea Foa