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  • 2017-

    The Beekeepers, Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal

    The show

    When the family home is burned to the ground in a tragic accident, Erendira’s grandmother executes her rational right to sell her last possession- her granddaughter’s body – thus wrenching open their claustrophobic world… and Erendira’s legs. Evoking a macabre, dystopian future where the state has run dry and everything needed has a price, BeautifulMess explore notions of self-possession, body as object, and the sexual brutality permeating our society, questioning the widening chasm between humans and the land and our relationship to society’s endemic violence,  in this contemporary, multi-sensory interpretation of Marquez’ short story.


    Striking constructions and bold design blend with strong physicality, contemporary clown, and live music to create a moving mise-en-scene that gathers and draws an audience in.  A laden ‘home’ – a bath on wheels,
 a grotesque blubbery-whale-grandmother soaking, a carnivalesque caravan, 
a white sail amorphous mass- reaching up- transforming over the crowd-
a tent billowing in the winds, 
an endless dress weighing innocent Erendira down, a naked light dancing through the fields…


    Layering resonant voices with vivid imagery and audience interaction, a core ensemble of 3, supported by a male chorus & the southern Portuguese landscape evoke a grotesque, absurd world rooted in Marquez’ whimsically bitter magic realism, shining a light through the everyday grit, making the angry red earth glisten.
    “Nothing left to Hide” explores the lines between liberation, normalisation and exploitation in our sex-drenched, neo-patriarchal world.


    Kati Francis
    Jennifer Muteteli
    Tom Leamon
    Anna-Helena McClean
    Isabel Castro Jung
    Andrea Foa

    Partners & Funders