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  • 2013

    We are 336, Brixton, London

    The show

    Victoria Dencome has got life just-so- everything in perfect order- with information streamed to her laptop and shopping delivered to her door, what more could a woman hope for? What reason is there to venture out ‘there’…?

    Out of desperate isolation, unlikely connections form. The wild creeps in… the domestic space disintegrates…the stories spill-out…the den is danced.

    Are you brave enough to leave the safety of your living rooms and come see what’s happening in the depths of a grimy Brixton garage?
    An accessible performance combining physical-comedy, dance-storytelling, and sensory-installation with a live animal-opera score.

    Foxfood;  a site-based performance that resourcefully brought to life to a previously unused space whilst functioning as a creative catalyst for a larger community project, engaging local adult learning disability groups.

    Generating theatrical languages and exploring themes of transformation, adaptation and the fears we all face through isolated living, Foxfood proposed the creative inspiration for BeautifulMess’ Fox Project.


    Director: Kati Francis
    Cast: Jennifer Muteteli
    Cast: Tamarin McGinley
    Cast: Luci Briginshaw
    Design: Ele Slade
    Dramaturgy: Fran Marek

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    • “FoxFood felt gritty, disheveled and yet perfectly formed. It’s innovative use of space, sound, recycling, and movement made it accessible on many levels, with a hugely quirky humour.”

      Vicky, General Manager, Spare Tyre

    • “Brilliant use of costume. Well resourced. Nice motifs in performance. V.Imaginative!”

      Audience feedback

    • “Amazing. Both hilarious and moving!”

      Audience feedback

    • “Great! Inventive energetic funny well acted”

      Audience feedback

    • “Really Funny, depressing, weird + original. Thanks. A Fun experiment”

      Audience feedback

    • “Amazing use of space, great costume & brilliant concept”

      Audience feedback

    • “Foxtons beware! Crazy house fun! I love it with bells on!”

      Audience feedback

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