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  • March 2014

    Cape Town, South Africa

    The show

    Using physical theatre, absurd allegory, live music and comic object play Bling! Ka-ching! spins a highly visual, magical tale, exploring that omnipresent phenomenon we call Money!

    “Money?” Yawn! “Why would we want to see a show about that?” (you might ask) “Why would anyone want to know about that mystical system which saturates every moment of our lives?” That would be absurd!… Enlightening even? Whether you’re a barter-loving hippy, a financial-hotshot or a confused parent bombarded with credit-crunch questions, Bling! Ka-ching! is an inclusive street-show for all ages which will leave your minds buzzing, your sides aching and your bellies full!

    Initially developed for the Obs family Fest, Cape Town 2014, BeautifulMess and TAAC are in negotiations to develop it into a wider touring show to catalyse a large scale collaborative- participatory project exploring economic literacy in relevant, personal ways.


    Kati Francis
    Nadia Woodward
    Dylan Esbach
    Ayanda Dakuse
    Nomakhosi Meveni
    Beren Belknap

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    • “Hilarious, silly, informative fun!”

      Audience member (33 yrs)

    • “Highly visual, dynamic, funny, engaging, conceptually very clever”

      Festival Manager

    • “I laughed and thought and laughed more!”

      Audience member (11 yrs)

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